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Scam Notification for Cash Aid

April 25, 2024

From: European Charity Foundations.

Association Of Charity Foundations,
Amsterdam,The Netherlands.

Dear Sir/Madam,


This is to notify you that you have been chosen by the Board of Trustees of the above international charity organization branched in the Netherlands as one of the final recipients of a Cash Grant/Donation for your own personal, education and/or business development.

You were selected among the lucky recipients to receive the award sum of US$2,000,000.00 (Two Million United States Dollars) as charity donations/aids from the Association Of Charity Foundations.

On contact with this officer, you’ll be given your donation pin number which you will use in collecting the funds. Please endeavor to quote your Qualification numbers (N-222-6747, E-900-56) in all discussions.

NOTE ADDED TO THE EMAIL: The real reason they are providing the qualification numbers are so that they can track what scam you are calling about. Most scammers run a multituded of scams and by doing so they increase their odds of getting someone to respond.

Executive Secretary,
Mr.Gerald Fletcher
Fax:+ Numbers Removed Never Call or Fax
Email: Removed Add to Spam List or Block depending what

On behalf of the Board kindly accept our warmest congratulations.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs.Susan Wallace

(Foundation officer)

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