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Tuckerton Municipal Court FAQ’s:

Here you will find common Municipal Court Questions and Answers.

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You must enter a plea of not guilty to the charges by calling the court office. Once you get your new court date, you must appear and speak with the prosecutor on the day of court.
No. If you just pay the ticket, the Motor Vehicle Commission will assess points. The Court Administrator does not have the authority to amend complaints; only the Judge can change the violation. In order for the Judge to change the violation, you must be present in court.
Points are not assessed by the Municipal Court but by the Motor Vehicle Commission.  You can go to the N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission web site @ This Web site can give you information regarding points, motor vehicle office locations, hours and surcharges.
Go to or call this office and the staff will give you the information. This will bring you right to the Municipal Court section where you can look up information. Or, you can always call the court office during regular business hours and speak to a live person.

As long as the person you are charging is an adult, you come to the Municipal Court Office with that person’s name and address. You will be given forms to fill out. At that time, Court staff will give you additional information. After the complaint is signed, you will have to come to Court.

This is a civil matter. You should contact Small Claims Court in Toms River at 1-800-722-0291 to find out how to go about filing that type of complaint.
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