Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:00

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:00

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Economic Development Committee



Jon Miller



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Borough of Tuckerton

seeking New Members!!

If interested please contact us

by email or call 609-296-2701

Economic Development Committee

Economic Development Committee (EDC)

Mission Statement

The focus of the EDC Committee is to foster, develop, and implement an economic plan that attracts, retains, and encourages the growth of responsible and properly planned businesses that will enhance the rich and diverse business mix already existing and to promote occupancy of existing vacancies as well as work together to revitalize existing properties for the Borough of Tuckerton. In order to accomplish such a broad mission, members will work as a liaison between Tuckerton Borough Government and both existing and prospective businesses.

Our key goal is to serve as an informative resource to support the economic community. With dedication and devotion, we strive to maintain a friendly environment where commerce can flourish, while ensuring the quality of life in this great historic town.


The committee meets 5:00pm on the First Monday* of the month at the Borough Hall. Please check our calendar for any schedule changes

PUBLIC IS INVITED TO ATTEND! The public EDC Members welcome ideas that will ’spark’ an interest in promoting our LOCAL COMMERCE!!.


Our members take great pride in making Tuckerton such a special place to live and visit.

Jon Miller-Chair

Term Exp. 12/31/24

Chuck Watson-Vice Chair

Term Exp 12/31/25

Marcella Klein-Term Exp. 12/31/25

Michael Leising-Term Exp. 12/31/26

Dave Shaffer-Term Exp.12/31/25

Peter Gioiello-Term Exp. 12/31/24

Secretary April Elley

Local Business

The EDC tries to keep current listings on all the businesses in the area. If you do not see your business listed please fill out this 

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