What is NOT Flushable

Back 18 March 2020



As per the Tuckerton Code regarding sewer use it is not permissible to dispose of non-flushable items to the sanitary sewer system. This would include wipes and paper towels which are not bio-degradable.
Please be advised that the Borough of Tuckerton Water and Sewer Department and the Ocean County Utilities Authority are experiencing problems with clogged pumps and sanitary sewer mains as a result of non-flushable items being flushed. This is causing unnecessary man hours to service the pumps and mains to remove the non-flushable items and causes equipment failures both of which is increasing our operation cost to maintain the sanitary sewage system which in turn will result in the increase of the sewer rates. Non-flushable items shall be disposed of with your household trash. We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation regarding this very important issue in order that we can continue to provide to you our valued customer the very best service that you are accustomed to  without having to raise the sewer user rates as a result of wipes, paper towels and other non-flushable item being flushed.